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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is effective in treating psychological problems, but also in improving life in general (performance, relationships, etc.), by removing obstacles that hold you back! Try it out. It's free! Ouick CBT is a free mental health tool and will remain so.

But does CBT work with an app? Yes, it does. It's a great tool for therapists to use CBT with their clients and as a self-help tool, Research shows it works for anxiety and depression. More research is underway to find out if it's helpful for other mental health problems. And how effective is CBT? CBT is as effective as medication or even more effective. It's also short-term, and people learn to become their own therapists in the process.

Quick CBT is easy to learn and easy to use! And no registration is required!

And what's cognitive behavioral therapy? CBT is based on the idea that feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and bodily sensations are interconnected and one leads to the other. And it all starts with a trigger (e.g. someone crashes your car, you fear for your life, think you might die, and flee the scene), a situation where something occurs to you. Now we've faulty thoughts and distortions of reality (for example, we see everything as if it'll lead to a disaster) that distort the thought. When we replace the thought with a more realistic thought and determine and execute a better behavior than what we did before, the next time the situation occurs again, we correct the maladaptive behavior that occurs in mental illness and ultimately reduce the severity of the client's mental illness.



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